UPSC Preliminary Examinations RESOURCES- GS and CSAT

Indian Culture,General Studies 1Click here
Indian History. General Studies 1 Click here
World History. General Studies 1Cleck here
Indian Geography.General Studies 1Click here
World Geography.General Studies 1Click here
Indian Society. General Studies 1Click here
Constitution of India general studies 2Click here
Governance general studies 2Click here
Indian Polity general studies 2Click here
Social Justice general studies 2Click here
International relations and foreign policy general studies 2Click here
Science and Technology general studies 3Click here
Economic Development general studies 3Click here
Environment, Ecology, Bio-diversity general studies 3Click here
Internal Security general studies 3Click here
Disaster Management general studies 3Click here
Ethics, Integrity, and Aptitude General studies 4Click here
NCERT BooksClick here
Economic SurveyClick here
UPSC Essay PaperClick here
Current Event'sClick here
General Studies

Resources For UPSC Preliminary Examinations

Comprehension.Click here
Interpersonal skills including Communication skill.Click here
Logical Reasoning Reasoning and Analytical ability.Click here
Decision Making and Problem SolvingClick here
General Mental AbilityClick here
Basic NumeracyClick here
English Language Comprehension skillsNOW CLOSE in UPSC. Click here

UPSC Optional Political Science and IR (RESOURCES)

Political Science and International RelationsClick here to Download
Here Many Books and Interpretation are available For Political Science and IR as a Optional in UPSC Exam's.