Mahagathbandhan Crisis, Nitish Kumar Would Be Forced To Take Action

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Mahagathbandhan Crisis, Nitish Kumar Would Be Forced To Take Action

TRILOK SINGH : In Bihar-Style, Nitish Kumar Says that, Mahagathbandhan can defeat BJP in 2019. Further, They would prove successful in the next parliamentary polls. But i think now the complexity between RJD and Nitish Kumar are becomes so critical today. To a question about whether his party will boycott the midnight GST launch event in the Parliament if other opposition parties do so… But the larger question is: will these raids rupture ties between Nitish and L.p.yadav leading up to the disintegration of the Bihar Mahagathbandhan, A grand alliance).

(See My text, Crisis in Yadav & Nitish Ties, Bihar – UPSC, IIT-JEE, AIIMS ETC. EXAM PORTAL). Historian Ramachandra Guha has a solution for the opposition’s problems – retire Rahul Gandhi and get Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar to lead the Congress. See More..

Moreover, The question now is whether the Bihar CM would react to the situation as one of the persons named in the FIR is none other than “Tejaswi Yadav” (Lalu’s son), a minister in Nitish Kumar’s cabinet. While Leaders of the ruling Janata Dal (United) have begun demanding Bihar Deputy CM Tejaswi Yadav’s resignation.

RJD legislator from Maner Bhai said that his party had 80 MLAs in the Assembly and would not function “on the advice of others.” It has also denied a rift in the grand alliance over the above issue. Nitish Kumar would be forced to take a decision in line with his “zero tolerance to corruption” principle…

So, Pressure has been mounting on Tejashwi to step down as the deputy CM to protect the ‘Mr. Clean’ image of CM Nitish Kumar, but the RJD has so far ruled out his resignation.

Today, Congress chief Sonia Gandhi spoke to Bihar CM Nitish Kumar and RJD chief L. P. Yadav over phone to try and save the Bihar Mahagathbandhan which has been jolted by the recent corruption charges against Lalu and his family. With the same light, Congress chief Sonia Gandhi & Rahul Gandhi can play a important role to cycle this issue..

The JD(U) is behind CM Nitish Kumar’s statement (on allegations against Tejashwi Yadav’) like a rock. There is no question of compromise on the issue of propriety. The dignity and conduct of a leader is paramount to us. Nitish Kumar can bear the pressure posed by nature, but not one that is man-made. Adding that, he hoped the Grand Alliance would continue to function in the state…

“It’s a matter of hours or a few days that Nitish Kumar will take a decision on the issue if Tejaswi Yadav does not resign. I think Mr. Kumar himself may resign and form the government with the outside support of the BJP,”.

Highlighting the fact that Nitish had supported Cashless economy, Demonetisation, surgical strikes and, most recently, the nomination of Ram Nath Kovind as a presidential candidate, Sushil Modi has, of late, maintained that. Now we can say that, “Nitish was very uncomfortable in this alliance. He cannot run the government with people like Lalu and his team.” Same statement on my tweet 06:37PM, Today.

Despite all of this, Should Nitish breakaway finally, he will have to join hands with the BJP?, the erstwhile partner he broke away from in 2013 after it announced Narendra Modi as its PM candidate…. Let us see the Prospect of Mahagathbandhan in Upcoming year/Days in the context of Modi’s Wave or so called Right Wing populism Waves..

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