Let’s start the India vs. Pakistan debate over terrorism

Supporters of political party Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT), hold signs to condemn the attack by Taliban gunmen on the Army Public School in Peshawar, during a rally in Lahore December 21, 2014. Taliban gunmen broke into the school and opened fire on Tuesday, killing 132 students and nine staff members, witnesses said, in the bloodiest massacre the country has seen for years. REUTERS/Mohsin Raza (PAKISTAN - Tags: CRIME LAW EDUCATION CIVIL UNREST) - RTR4IUW4

The writer is Military enthusiast, Kevin Mathew

Amarnath terrorist attack, We (the people & the government) knew that there was an intelligence alert by the agency. If we fail to act against these terrorists even when we have such warnings, then it’s a lapse on our part. The Dy CM of J&K said that the bus was allowed to pass the check points after the designated hours, so we know it is the lapse on the part of the government who accepts it frankly and will likely be investigating it.

I mourn the death of the pilgrims and am deeply saddened for the loss of their relatives, but if we don’t act on time, there may be more serious losses in future.

I was shocked after hearing this because this the 2nd time such an incident has taken place even after warnings were issued (the first one being the Pathankot attack), I had hoped that the government strengthens the security arrangements after learning from the experience.

If Pakistani people are answering this question, I have a question for them. For years, they have been playing the victim of terror, however they don’t seem to take any action. Their leaders blame their past governments for the present crisis in Pakistan. How can the Pakistani population blame INDIA for this? Let me give you some details.

    • In 1999, when INDIAN posts on our side of LoC were illegally occupied by some people from Pakistan, their govt declared that it wasn’t the Pak army but the Mujahideen. So they at least accept the presence of Mujahideen (terrorists) in the territories under their control. Till today, they haven’t accepted their involvement in the Kargil Conflict. Now, if they still believe that it were Mujahideen, then how come Mujahideen get their hands on artillery cannons, mortars and other supplies? How were these guys found with identity documents issued by Pak military forces? When their bodies were sent back, they rejected the bodies of their soldiers. When the operation to flush these guys out of our guys were in its final stage, Nawaz Sharif rushed to the US to ask for intervention. I don’t know why does a prime minister care so much about the terrorists (as they said that those were Mujahideen).
    • In 2001, Pak sent their military transport jets to Kunduz, Afghanistan and brought nearly 5000 terrorists from there to military bases in northern Pakistan. Were these jihadis brought in for some social service? This evacuation was popularly known as Kunduz airlift.
    • People like Akhtar Mansoor and Mullah Omar died in Pakistan. Pakistan doesn’t consider them to be terrorists. They provide facilities for guys like Hafiz Saeed, Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi and Maulana Masood Azhar.
    • Their former ISI chief and NSA Lt Gen Asad Durrani made it public, that people from his country had a hand in the 26/11 Mumbai attacks. Pakistanis don’t accept the evidences provided by INDIANS, laugh off the proofs handed by USA and don’t accept the statements of their own retired officials. I don’t know what is believed to ‘evidence’ for Pakistan.

  • The Pakistan govt put weapons in the hands of local tribesmen to fight terrorists in Waziristan. Clearly, this states that their army is incapable of fighting the terrorists in their land. Eventually, these tribesmen who call themselves ‘Lashkar’ turned against the Pak govt. Didn’t they think this out properly? How can they expect these guys to fight only the terrorists and not turn rogue?
  • Before becoming the Prime minister, Mr Nawaz Sharif confirmed that Ajmal Kasab was the native of Faridkot (Okara) and trained in Muzaffarabad (PoK) and other 10 terrorist camps in Sindh.
  • Whenever these guys have suicide attacks or terrorist attacks in their cities, they blame INDIAN agencies for it. Minutes later, some terror organisations in Pak claim responsibility for it. How can they blame it on INDIA then?
  • They blame INDIA for violence in Kashmir, but they butcher their people in Balochistan and call it anti terror ops. They bomb the houses of the people in Balochistan using fighter jets, rape women there and their personnel get away with it very easily. No complaints registered whatsoever. On the other hand, violence and terrorism in Kashmir always originates from Pakistan and when INDIAN forces fight them, they term it as violence.

Now, for years Pakistan has been blaming us for all kinds of incidents happening in their land. They have been killing INDIANS and their own citizens as well. I’m glad that they at least issued a statement against Hafiz Saeed recently. But in the long term, I don’t see any action from Pakistan against terrorism. They have been in denial for years and will always remain in denial of terrorist establishments existing in territories under their control. Terrorism will be flourishing in Pakistan until and unless Pakistan resolves to sincerely fight terrorism.

The writer is Military enthusiast, Kevin Mathew.

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