Month: July 2017

Trilok Singh July 30, 2017

India to have over 850 mn online users by 2025 Trilok Singh : The Current Status of Internet users in the world 3, 691, 585, 020 Crossed, today till 9:25PM. India is expected to have more than 850 million online users by 2025, driven by availability and adoption of faster connections and more capable devices, a report […]

Trilok Singh July 16, 2017

India: What are your views on caste based reservation system in India? “British colonized India for 100+ years, plundered the country’s wealth creating unequal opportunities on a global scale. We as next generation Indians deserve reservation in education/jobs in UK” I wonder how many upper-caste Indians would say ‘No‘ to this. It’s a completely separate […]

Trilok Singh July 14, 2017

The e-commerce site has announced the launch of a phone dubbed Elari NanoPhone C. The company touts this device to be the ‘smallest phone in the world’. In the world of smartphones, this one comes as a feature phone with pretty basic specs. It is claimed to be ultra compact stylish and anti-smart mobile […]