World Tourism in India is booming now : PM Modi unveiled the world’s largest statue, Statue of Unity

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Manpower without Unity is not a strength unless it is harmonized and united properly, then it becomes a spiritual power.

-Sardar Patel

India is now seen as a shining star in the globe, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel’s statue or the ‘Statue of Unity’ the world’s tallest statue, the 182 metre hight, it has been successfully completed (31 October 2014 and completed in mid-October 2018), at a cost of ₹2,989 crore. At 182 metres tall, not just in height, but it also stand tall for academic, historical, national and spiritual values by many ways. It would be double the size of New York’s ‘Statue of Liberty’, would inspire future generations. When we take the name of Sardar Patel, what we recall is the term ‘Iron Man’. And the ‘Statue of Unity’ is being built not only to remember India’s freedom struggle but also to inculcate Sardar Patels’s visionary ideology and thoughts of unity, patriotism, inclusive growth and the good governance.

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A tributes to India’s First Home Minister, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, popularly known as a ‘Iron man of India’, on his 143rd birth anniversary with world’s tallest  statue, ‘Statue of Unity’. Trilok Singh.

Significantly,  It is the first big national  project in any tribal region of the country and dedicated to the Iron Man of India – Unity, Agriculture and the good governance. Thus, It will undoubtedly lead to ‘global development of tourism with tourists inflow throughout the world to visit India to admire its beauty, richness of top-up iconic cultural heritage, and salute the man behind the Indian Unity – Oneness and Sprit. Patel worked with astonishing speed to dismantle the history of imperialism and create the geography of unity with the spirit of nationalism. The attempt has been seen as a India’s world tourism development.

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There are also two high-speed passenger elevators in the statue’s core area which take you up to the chest of the statue to a viewing gallery, which can accommodate 200 tourists at a time. And reflected as the top-up location to get a bird’s eye view of the picturesque environs of the Narmada river and its dam surrounded by the Satpura and Vindhyachal hills. With a combination of three-star hotel, museum and audio visual gallery, the government has build an entire ecosystem of tourism infrastructure centered on the statue of unity in the remote, hilly terrain. So Its a quite unique location will prove to be also beneficial for eco-tourism and regional development.

The “Statue of Unity” is a symbol of both the unity of hearts and the geographical integrity of our motherland. It is a reminder that divided, we may not be even able to face ourselves. United, we can face the world and scale new heights of growth and glory, Prime Minister Modi.

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In short, It will include an exhibition hall and audio- visual presentation on the life of Patel, which will become the centre of attraction for tourists from the all over the globe. 75,000 cubic metres of concrete, 5,700 metric tonne of steel structure, 18,500 steel rods and 22,500 metric tonne of bronze will be used for the project. It goes without saying that the ‘Statue of Unity’ project will generate employment in the tribal area of Narmada district as well as boost the tourism sector.

A 320 metre long designer bridge connects Sadhu island to the mainland, you can also take a boat ride. Also, the state government is also constructing a 3.5km long highway for tourists to reach the statue of unity from Kevadia town too. The statue represent the oneness of Indians despite the long standing socio-cultural diversity that exist in the country and commemorate the man behind this unity and oneness of the nation. That’s why State as well as Union Government of India has decided to celebrate Vallabhbhai Patel’s birth anniversary on October 31 as ‘National Unity Day’.

Patriotism is the foundation on which our culture is built, Prime Minister, Narendra Modi on oct 31, 2018.

But Indian history is greatfully witness to the fact that whether some political party or a political ideology gives him recognition or not, the young generation doesn’t want to forget him. All the youngsters across the country also are associated with it. As a result, when the opportunity to serve came before us we commemorated the contributions made by the ‘Iron Man of India’  in a featured manner and will continue with it in every generation.

The youth is participating in the Run for Unity. I would like to congratulate them all. The patriotism is the foundation on which our culture is built. No Indian will ever forget to day. Today is a day that will be remembered in the history of India. No Indian will ever forget this day. Events like today are very very important in a country’s history and such events are difficult to erase. Prime Minister, Narendra Modi on oct 31, 2018.

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Historically, He had not only steered the nation out of problems at the time of freedom but also contributed significantly to consolidate the small princely kingdoms that wanted to secede from India after the British had left. Above was the long term vision of patel that integrated the nation into a single thread by using his diplomacy and strategies. Historically, patel was very much impressed by Gandhi’s success in the Champaran Satyagraha, wherein he had confronted the British for the sake of oppressed farmers in the region.

The ‘Statue of Unity’ symbolizes Patel’s impeccable work of uniting the disintegrated groups of nearly 565 princely states after the independence and building the Indian State. It stands as a tribute to the extraordinary administrative skills and bravery shown by the then home minister Patel in uniting India after the bloody partition. In short, He played a significant role as the Unifier of country, Great Organiser, India’s First Home Minister, Partition etc.. Also, he was greatly influenced by how Mahatma Gandhi Ji wore Indian way of style attire and lay emphasis on the essential use of one’s mother tongue as opposed to English language, which was the lingua franca of intellectuals in the country, specifically attracted to Mahatma’s relentless inclination towards action, along with his resolution that condemned the arrest of Annie Besant.

In a technical manner, the statue were reflects our strength and technical capicity too. Sophisticated state of art technologies like Light Detection and Ranging Technology and Telescopic logging to assess rock joint are adopted. Statue of Unity development through four stages of Mockup, state of the art three-dimensional scanning technique and computer numerical control production technique adopted to ensure accurate reproduction of minute details. As per the information received from SSNNL, the total amount likely to be spent on the project is Rs. 3060.88 crore. Out of this Rs. 2332 crore is towards construction of the statue and Rs. 657 crore is towards Operation and Maintenance  for 15 years after completion of the project.

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These activities have been awarded to ‘Larsen and Toubro’ which is an Indian construction company. Rs. 55.63 crore is likely to be spent towards Project Management Consultancy which has been awarded to a consortium of foreign companies. Further, Rs.16.25 crore is likely to be spent towards Proof Consultancy which has been given to joint venture of Tata Egis Ltd. This is a project of Government of Gujarat. The Union Government of India has not made any commitment regarding its contribution to the cost of the project. However, till date a sum of Rs. 300 crores has been provided to SSNNL for this project.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled the world’s largest statue: Key findings

Following the PM’s Speech on the landmark day, The PM unveiled the world’s largest statue – Statue of Unity. He poured soil and Narmada water into a ‘kalash’ to mark the 143rd birth anniversary of Sardar Patel. Also, he did a virtual “abhishek” of the ‘statue of unity’ with the help of a lever. He argued that, I want to start by congratulating all Indians including those settled abroad. It is this feeling of being united, of togetherness, that has kept India going for thousands of years. Singnificantly, He said that, “It is because of him that we are able to go from Kutch to Kohima, from Kargil to Kanyakumari easily. Without his efforts, we would have to take visa to go to Gir forests, Somnath Temple and to see Charminar in Hyderabad. If the Sardar had no resolution, a direct train from Kashmir to Kanyakumari could not be envisaged. Without Patel, it would have been difficult for us to build the administrative framework like the Civil service. He is also responsible for bringing women in politics.”

There were many who thought that a diverse country like India can never remain united. They considered our diversity our biggest weakness. But Sardar Patel converted this into our biggest strength. India is following the path shown by Patel and is moving towards becoming the world’s greatest economic and strategic power. It is a historic and inspiring occasion for all Indians. It is Patel’s efforts that have led our country to what it is today. It is my honour that I got a chance to pay the tribute to the great man. When I visualised the project, I had never thought that I would unveil it as the prime minister of the country. The event portrays the face of united India. I also thank the people of Gujarat for welcoming him,’ PM Modi said. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel unified the country, stopped it from disintegration: PM Modi on oct 31, 2018.

There were several pessimists who used to always think that a diverse country like India can never remain United. It will fall apart. But, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel showed how it is done. We should learn how to grow from strength to strength, how to always stay united. The PM quoted, Sardar Patel in his speech on July 5, 1947 and mentioned that, ‘Our mutual quarrels, mutual animosity in front of our enemies is the big reason behind our defeat.’ Now we don’t have to repeat this mistake and neither have to be a slave to anyone again. We should never forget his sacrifices. This is the tallest statue in the world. People across the world will visit this site and remember it.

Thus, India becomes a worldwide tourist attraction, PM Modi already has another giant statue of a warrior king in the state of Maharashtra, set to be ready by 2021 and seen as a shining star in the world, it can pave a new way to serve the goal of One India, Noble India, ultimately providing a great boost to India’s tourism development, worldwide. It is considered a trifecta for PM Narendra Modi: a nod to his Hindu political base, a landmark site in his home state, and a showcase of the nation’s growing prosperity and status as a rising global power. Above is the 1st step towards connecting the entire India with the statue of unity, the iron campaign, in which an agricultural tool each was collected from around 700,000 villages across the country and melted down for use.

In all, 135 tonnes of iron was donated by farmers to support the project, for which PM Modi’s slogan was Ek Bharat, Shrestha Bharat (One India, Noble India). And there is a Shrestha Bharat Centre at the feet of the statue, which will also house a research facility for agriculture and tribal development. By many facts you can say that, World Tourism in India is booming now and it gained massive popularity as a tourism destination among inbound travellers with top markets, including China showing interest in visiting here, according to a study. Above is the tallest statue in the world so people across the world will sure visit the tallest destination so it’s encouraging that we are seeing growth not just from Asian countries but from long haul inbound markets, underscoring India’s attractiveness as a destination, worldwide.

(Author, Trilok Singh, Masters in Political Science, Kirori Mal College, University of Delhi. Founder and CEO: YD IASmind)

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