National Press Day 2019: People need to know about the day

The National Press Day is symbolic of a free and responsible press in the country.

As per the, National Press Day 2019 has observed across India on November 16. The day is observed on this day every year. Historically, In 1956, the first Press Commission had concluded that the best way to maintain professional ethics in journalism can be achieved by creating a statutory authority body consisting of people mainly connected with the industry and can arbitrate the activities.

This led to the birth of the Press Council of India in the year 1966. After that, the Press Council was established on 4 July 1966 in India which started its work from 16 November 1966. From that day, November 16 is celebrated as National Press Day every year. 

Meanwhile, Prakash Javadekar, Minister of Environment, Forest & Climate Change; Information & Broadcasting minister added that, “A free press is the cornerstone of a vibrant democracy. We are fully committed to upholding freedom of press and expression in all forms. May our media space be used more and more to showcase the skills, strengths and creativity of Indians. Media can criticise but should guard against ‘fake news’ & desist from disinformation & misinformation”.

Further, There is ethic for every freedom. On the occasion of National Press Day – greetings to the Media fraternity. Press freedom is essence of a vibrant democracy. This was trampled upon by the Congress during emergency. We are ensuring full freedom to the press, The I&B Minister asserted.

YD CEO Mr Trilok Singh attributed that, “All the best for coming generations.. However, the mainstream need to think beyond Party-Parivar.. They need to do work on some particular agendas such as Unemployment, Poverty, Pollution, Water Security, Hunger (I.e., Yet millions of people across India are living in/on Slums, ‘Subways’- Considered as a ‘Homeless people’); they are ‘deprived’ (Kind of exclusion) by mainstream”.. Such sphere need to skip “Agenda Setting Theory”, politically tuned..

Hence, The Both of them, Government and Media need to really need to think on the concerned issues, society at large.. Which makes our exercise more efficient, Mr Trilok Singh asserted. Hope the media will do the same in upcoming days, and to serve humanity and accountability at large, he added.

Despite the same, It was the day on which the Press Council of India started functioning as a moral watchdog to ensure that not only did the press maintain the high standards expected from this powerful medium but also that it was not fettered by the influence or threats of any extraneous factors. Thus, November 16 personifies a responsible and free press in the country. 

Consequently, The role of media can’t be overlooked in today’s times in a sense that it invariably has great impact on us about how we perceive the things. More particularly, print and electronic media. It is this reason that compel anyone to part of such network which is widely regarded as ‘agent of change’, YD CEO Mr Singh remarked.

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