The Wildlife of Tripura

Tripura has a picturesque surrounding covered with hills and dales, sprawling green valleys and hilly brooks. About 2/3rd area of the state is under forest cover where different species of orchids, birds and wildlife are found. Tripura wildlife sanctuaries offer various attractions to tourists. The sanctuaries of Tripura, vibrantly exemplifies varied natural inheritance of the North East.

Tripura Wildlife Sanctuaries

Rowa Wildlife Sanctuary: Is one of the known wildlife sanctuaries of Tripura. It reflects the fabulous natural heritage of North East India as it is one of the few remains of the natural forests left. It covers an area of 0.86 sq km. hectares and is easily accessible from any part of Tripura. It presents an ample scope for study by the botanists. It harbors more than 150 species of birds, wildlife and primates. The sanctuary with bountiful of forest reserves, including both botanical and zoological is worth a visit.

Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary: Swaying over a total area of 197.7 sq km, it is known as a heaven for nature and animal lovers. It is copious in flora and fauna. The park is known for Bison and is locally known as GABA. The sanctuary is completely designed for learning, amusement and various other activities. Distant there are multiciplity of pheasants, Gibbons, langurs and other species of aerial and land animals.

Sepahijala Sanctuary: spread over an area of 18.5 sq km, this Tripura sanctuary boasts of abounding congregation of wildlife. It also houses a botanical garden, zoo, a lake and abundance of diverse species of trees. One can spot a rare view of crab overpowering mongoose. Some of the rare and endangered species found here are pigtailed macaque, langur and Rhesus macaque. One can find around 150 varied kind of avifauna. You can take a trip on petite toy train which takes you deep inside the jungle. Various lakes adorn the sanctuary and also act as thirst quenchers for inhabitants. The sanctuary is also famed for its rich growth of medicinal herbs, fodder, orchids and other horticulture plants.

Gumti Wildlife Sanctuary: Is the 2nd sanctuary of South Tripura district. Its area is 389.54 km. Close to the sanctuary there is a vast water reservoir covering an average area of 300 sq km. This Tripura sanctuary has elephants, bison, sambhar and wild goat apart from many animals and reptiles. The sanctuary boasts of a rich flora and fauna. One can find numerous medical and therapeutically botanical species in abundance in the surroundings.

Travel to Tripura Wildlife sanctuaries and discover its rich wilderness. Enjoy the wildlife sightseeing in Rowa Wildlife Sanctuary that delves deep into the forests.

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