The Prospect of Renewable Energy in India

Despite being beneficial in accumulating the exact energy, from the various resources, it is highly essential to utilize the alternative natural sources instead of deposited underground minerals. Most of the developing countries still endeavoring to utilize the renewable energy in the attempt of the impoundment of their vast expensive economic storehouse. The entire earth has been tattering from the global warm, that threatens not only the environment but also the living organism enormously. Let’s have a look on the potential protest against the global warming and the millions of people have taken several environmental programs to reduce such threat from the globe as soon as possible.Electricity is an essential part in completing indispensable tasks of the human being and having invented for the first time the hydropower system has brought it easily without depleting any natural resource.

Since ancient times, various hydropower energies were utilized in the attempt of the several useful purposes, which have no interventional effect on nature. India is entitled as one of the developing nations, which has taken an important role by having seen it’s extreme natural strategy, wherein has been included a lot of possibilities of recreating or utilizing the renewable energy at instant motion. By taking an extent advantage from the gravity and the water cycle, India has preserved a huge expenditure that has been expending year by year in importing COAL from other country and by having taken the maximal attempt of dam making or reservoirs on the numerous streams & rivers which naturally originated on the Himalaya Mountain.

The renewable energies are generated from the natural resources, which are never ending or deleted although those are highly utilized. It is universally known that the human being capturing the energy of the extreme waterfall for thousands of years definitely. At present harnessing the power of extent waterfall or streams by having installed turbines that move round in the attempt of generating magnetic power in converting it into electricity and then it is transferred to the skyrocketed electric tower as a current to the entire world.

Some ever, it has been noticed by everyone that the impoundment of the reservoir makes fatal environmental effect though it is emission-free of fossil fuel or other harmful green gas, carbon dioxide etc. Electricity can be generated with the assistance of the several fossil fuels those are as coal, gas, diesel which are deposited underground by millions of years. Electricity is ever expanding due to the extreme demand of the industry and reducing the reliant on the international fuel sources which have brought the alternative discovery of renewable power sources such as wind power plant, solar power plant and water power plant.

The comparative analysis of renewable power sources in India:

The nation has in its optimal economic development, which has grasped the intention of the various developed countries in the international segment. The central Government of India has taken an important role in converting the reliant on the international economic crisis since long years that has shown on 2016-2017 wherein numerous shares were capsized tremendously due to this fact. In importing coal from the international market that absorbs 1 lakh crore INR per year which would last for continuously 25 years and the decision of impoundment of the indigenous coal accumulating from the hills or underground has brought such fatal consequence.

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In supplying the required energy to the entire nation, it is highly essential in searching out the alternative option and the future planning of renewable energy sources could have halted the consequence enormously. India has considered as the largest manufacturer of electricity from such resources obviously. On the comparison of the practical analysis of energy generating till 31st March of 2018, this nation has accounted for 20% of the total installed power capacity (69.02 GW). The large hydro installation capacity was 45.29 GW but it enables in contributing only 13% of the entire power generating project. By having excluded the large hydropower sections due to the fact of accounted this in the earlier Ministry of power, which has currently increased upto 33% of the entire planned power installation capacity.

Wind power is another prime source for getting rid of expensive electric expenditure during its production which has been installed in the midst of the constant wind blowing areas. In generating the huge wind power, India has gotten its optimal chance due to plenty of effective sources that have originated geographically which was planned to produce 34,046 MW in the attempt of making India the fourth-largest wind power nation in the entire earth.

India has a potential manufacturing base on the wind power section, wherein has updated turbines that can be compared with the international standards and every model can generate approximately 3 MW. If such a plan can be progressed further on, what everyone deserves for it, then India would supply most of the electric power to the Europe countries too. The turbine wind plates move with the assistance of air, and it required no expenditure to run, and it is extremely beneficial in reducing not only the green gas but also building a strong economic development for the entire nation.

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The Indian government targeted of installing 20 GW of Solar power by 2022 which has overcome already in January of 2018, and such successful plant has been succeeded due to the vast solar parks as well as the roof-top solar panels. By having seen an overview on it, India has taken another crucial project of getting 100 GW of solar power by 2022 further on. In the attempt of expanding further on the solar park, India has included the second largest solar park in the world with the purpose of 1000 MW. Another largest solar park will be constructed in India shortly with the target of 2025 MW which is nominated as Bhadla Solar Park.

The renewable energy project in India has motivated the entire world:

India has started its solar power project from 2016 and still, it is in its optimal progress which has grasped the attention of the entire world, and most of the nations have shown their intention to expand it in the fastest way. The International Solar Alliance Project (ISAP) has promoted to enlarge such non-fossil fuel project over 120 countries without getting any delay, and it is considered as the great symbol of becoming India as the world leader in future.

The renewable energy is a source of nature which never depletes yet to install wherein has a little bit of caution otherwise all projects could bring fatal consequence on the entire environment. As a developing country, India has enlightened up itself with the number of new technological inventions and has taken a crucial decision of creating 175 GW of energy from renewable sources. Approximately 100 GW from solar power, 60 GW from wind power and other from hydro power sources.

Due to the maximum possibility of various streams & rivers in India, which assists in generating kinetic energy in the fastest moving water, and the water has to move with the sufficient speed along with volume to spin the propeller, which is called a turbine, that rotates a generator to create the current. In order to generate 1 kilowatt of electricity it required 100 feet speed of waterfall/1 sec. There are several types of turbines that utilized at hydro power sector, and their utilization depends upon the distance between the turbine and the dam.

Advantages of hydropower project and its effect on developing country:

There are several advantages may have noticed by everyone in hydro power section. The hydro electric energy is considered as the renewable project and it is required less places to build up the reservoir and that is why it is profitable for the developing country. The hydro energy considered as the pollution free or emission-free of carbon dioxide, and that is why it is the beneficial project for the entire nation.

The hydroelectricity is extremely reliable energy, wherein has the least fluctuation in getting the electric power, and no one can deny it. India is located in the zone of massive water source wherein such projects considered as the most profitable project for developing nation to build up the potential economic sector. Due to the flexibility, wherein has the chance of controlling the water flow & output of electricity is easy. On the requirement of the high consumption of electricity, it can be increased water flow and the magazine levels are maintained at times.

In comparison with other fossil fuels or nuclear energy wherein has the consequence of fatal risk of radiation and in such circumstance hydroelectric is much safer than it. The turbines are used which are useful in getting the exact kinetic force of moving water along with the water pressure. This project is entitled to the safer power project which has the least reaction against the environmental & social concerns.

The fossil fuels are never considered as the everlasting, which having no longer to disappear from the entire earth entirely, and it may have concerned as our future generation would not able to acquaintance regarding on any fossil fuel ever accessibility on earth. Instead of being suffered any risky consequence, the alternative renewable energy sources are further safer than to be depended on fossil fuels. In such complicated condition, India has taken a prime role in converting electricity sources into natural renewable resources.

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