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NOW CSAT paper has been made qualifying in nature, with a minimum pass marks of 33% required in the paper. READ MORE

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India & China in a multipolar world.

If China rejects an imperialist view of history & believes in the creation of a multipolar world of the pre-imperial era, than it can work with India and other world powers.What path China chooses for itself will determine how other nations respond to its rise.For

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India and China: Prospects and Challenges ⇒Evolution of India-China Relations:- The past 60 years of India-China relations have obviously signaled that both the countries have been seeking mutually acceptable solutions to the main contention relating to boundary issue’s. It is also generally believed that both countries never

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Welcome Sir…..Hello World✈

[espro-slider id=1688] Here at we not only train’s our Visitor’s to achieve their goals in UPSC exam’s  but also makes the visitor’s confident, energetic and ethically motivated to play their roles effectiely and Contemporarily even after entering Civil Services. Read more… General Studies It was in