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Monthly Archives: November 2017

HMR, Revolution in Public Transport

Revolution in Hyderabad’s Public Transport— Hyderabad Metro Rail (@hmrgov) November 28, 2017 Will be in Hyderabad today, where I inaugurate the Hyderabad Metro and take part in the @GES2017. The Summit, which is jointly hosted with USA celebrates entrepreneurship. This year we are focussing

Constitution of Fifteenth Finance Commission Notified

DOWNLOAD, ORIGINAL DOCUMENT OF 15th FINANCE COMMISSION. The Government of India, with the approval President of India, has constituted Fifteenth Finance Commission in pursuance of clause (1) of article 280 of the Constitution, read with the provisions of the Finance Commission (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act, 1951

Recruitment Results finalized by UPSC

Recruitment Results finalized by UPSC in October, 2017. Click here to see the link The following Recruitment Results have been finalized by the Union Public Service Commission during the month of October, 2017. The recommended candidates have been informed individually by post.  Original Link. Source: 15-November,

Today’s Updates, YD

Need to extend reservations for women in Parliament and Assemblies on lines of Panchayats: Vice President गुजरात में कुपोषण की तस्वीर इंडियन होने पर अमेरिका में सिख बच्चे की पिटाई, एक्शन में सुषमा छोटे व्यापारियों को GST से मिल सकती है बड़ी राहत, अगले हफ्ते

Today’s Updates

Feed the Children to Eliminate Hidden Hunger, November 4, 2017 You Can Try Out Our Free International Calls Facility, November 4, 2017 PM’s interaction with global CEOs of the Food Processing sector, November 4, 2017 मोदी : भारत में कारोबार करना हुआ आसान, निवेशकों को किया आमंत्रित, November 4,