What is your religion doing, spreading love or killing humanity?

Is this all about our religion, which was created, explained, guided and nurtured by our Rasool-Paigumbers-Muhammad, Devi-Devtaas, Gurus-sache pashas, Prophets-messengers of God???

Are we really not responsible for what is happening today on the name of our religions??

Can the process of killing humans or killing humanities be the religion of any if not then Why should we follow that path which is totally created by the selfish politicians for their own sake and interests?

If those who are in power today can forget completely about us, who gave them this power then we are responsible for the consequences and we are only source of reminding them again that who we are… We the people of our nation…

We shouldn’t be worried about those few shameful identities who are supporter of this heinous crime and inhuman activities instead of that we should concentrate on that fire which is burning us in majority.

We need to fix the puncture of our national progressive wheels. We should work and demand for keeping our environment clean and calm so we can follow our religion with proudly and mutually saying: Unity in diversity yes IT’S A RELIGION OF OUR INDIA. Then only we can proudly say yes : IT’S OUR GREAT INDIA.

Writer, Saiyad Lavi, Studied Post Graduation at Osmania University – College of Arts.

Cover Source, Kashmir News Bureau.

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