Uttar Pradesh universities’ syllabus to include Galwan Valley stand-off

The syllabus of defence studies in all Uttar Pradesh universities will soon include chapters showcasing the valour of Indian soldiers in various battles, including the May 2020 Galwan Valley stand-off.

The lessons will also include historical wars starting from the Mahabharata era.

To introduce the changes, a think tank of academicians, military science experts and political personalities is brainstorming on the “need to revisit history and military science” being taught at central as well as state universities.

According to sources, the syllabus was being revised in such a manner that the wars wherein the Indian forces came out triumphant could be highlighted. Students of defence studies would be made aware of the battles in which the valour and strategy of the Indian forces made all the difference.

Head of the department of defence and strategic studies, Allahabad University, Prof Prashant Agarwal, who was a member of the committee which recommended the change of syllabus in the state universities last year, said: “Although the Indo-China war ended in a ceasefire, that too because the Chinese would not have been able to continue the war once the winter sets in, the general perception is that India lost the war even though there have been many instances where Indian forces gave a befitting reply to China.

“A handful of Indian soldiers inflicted massive damage to the Chinese side and fought with a comparatively inferior weaponry.

“There is a need to glorify Indian forces and show the world the real picture of the valour of our soldiers by ‘revisiting’ several wars and battles fought during the Mughal, British and post-Independence era.

“How can the students be aware of the bravery of the Indian Army when they see the battles and army’s might through the lens of foreign writers? There are not many books written by Indian authors.”

According to sources, the members of the committee have held several rounds of meetings on the issue.

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