Marketization of Competitive exams, How to Prepare?

Trilok Singh, Preparing for competitive exams is completely different from giving regular exams. Cracking them is a lot easier, provided you have worked hard in the 6th to 12th class and studied systematically. But even if you have not, don’t let that bother you. “The best part about such a study method is that you play while you learn”. Group studies also offer an effective way to not only retain information for a longer period of time but also boost your confidence level manifold. The motivation comes from the belief, nothing else. Belief = Knowledge + Experience. If you are going for a competitive exam its your knowledge which will decide your destiny and its your experience which will shape it.

Please, Go back to your fundamentals

Open your textbooks from 8th to 12th classes and revise each chapter thoroughly. You can easily revise tough subjects such as Polity, Culture, Geography, Environment, Maths, physics, chemistry and Biology and much more with just your school Or NCERT books. If you made notes at school, go through them as well.

Since you have just now finished writing (lengthy) exams, managing time in the forthcoming exams would be a breeze. The only sections you might have to look into from external resources are logical reasoning and aptitude etc.

Self-Paced learning : Take help from Web and Apps

Learning from Computers, Mobile, Tabs and Apps means that you no longer have to sit at one place to study. Thanks to online lessons and reference materials at the tip of your fingers, no matter where you are, and that’s known as ‘self-paced learning’. In order to this Our Education portal is one of them. Remember, I’m not advocating my web only while in India we have few honest sites too. For CSE, e.g. Mrunal by Mrunal sir, Unacademy By Roman Saini sir etc. and we have also some Private Institutions those who share own contents to education portal. e.g. Rau’s , Vajiram, Vision, Shiksha IAS and Sankar  etc. No matter they are paid or Unpaid. Matter is that, catch the proper way which is essential to cracking the any exam’s..

However, there are number of sites are available in India that we need to keep in mind while dealing with any competitive Exams or higher education. Now, we can find huge profit income Generating Sites/Institutions and yes IASmind is one of them but it rewarded by the Google India not rewarded by the Institutions/ Students/ Scholars/ Prof./Politicians/ Scientists etc…

Further, Please beware of Big Brokers in Educational Market hub e.g. In Delhi, Mukherjee Nagar, Rajendra place, Laxmi Nagar etc becomes big hub. In Mumbai, Behind Meher House, Sector 30, Vashi, Navi Mumbai, Dadar west… In Bihar, Buddha Colony Patna, Boring Rd, Exhibition Road, Patna)… It aim to generate more and more income and trying to fire surplus Own Institutions/Sites. Remember, that type of Institutions are not providing the such phenomena to cracking the exams they just diverts you and provides some guidelines/way and these type of guidelines/Way are also available as well as Our Web absolutely free.

Significantly, Huge number of young population migrates towards Rural to Urban sphere for above only but they faced lot of difficulties to find the Best Institutions as well as the right way. So, Digital way are also becomes Important with the same regard.

So, Spend an hour on such tests and cover the syllabus quickly. “The best part about such a study method is that you play while you learn”. Also since most quizzes on mobile apps are short, your attention span will remain intact, no matter how difficult the quiz is.

Get Social and study with friends

Sit down with friends, Classmates and revise your lessons again and discuss with them. Challenge them to mobile quizzes or read out notes aloud with them. Group studies offer an effective way to not only retain information for a longer period of time but also boost your confidence level manifold.

For exam preparations, it is very necessary that you manage time appropriately and smartly. Prepare a study plan and for a change follow it seriously. It’s a human tendency that we tend to relax thinking that we have sufficient time to make and we will see when the time comes, this gives birth to stress when the time is right, you are lagging behind in your preparations. And remember “less time and more training” brings fear. So, manage time smartly for exam preparations. Concentration, Hard work, Passion becomes most important with the same regard. All the best. Thank’s.

(Trilok Singh; The writer/Author, is currently Honorary Student, Kirori Mal College, DU, Department Of political Science).

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