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The essay paper having two sections A and B with four topics each (the candidates have to select a topic from each section and write on it for 1,000-2,000 words with a time duration of three hours) for total marks of 250 (125×2) in the civil services main examination is crucial in determining the final outcome, selection and ranking.

The topics of this essay writing exam can be anything under the sun. The topics can be current affairs, Philosophy, social issues, country politics, science and technology etc. One should be well versed with each and every thing and should have enough of matter to write logically.

An essay is a paper, which does not have a reservoir of definitive information as in the case of general studies. All this constitutes a challenge. It is vital to understand that an essay is a reflection of the personality — ideas, views, analysis, assessments and inferences, values, attitude, aptitude, orientation and communication (written) abilities, all the attributes that are wanted by UPSC in an aspirant.

An essay is considered a complete composition. The essentials of essay writing would be the format (framework, structure), information (content, substance), language (expression, presentation), and logic (analysis and information).​, Updated Version (10.3)

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