Month: October 2016

Trilok Singh October 7, 2016

An Inspirational talks done by Dr. Ajay Gudavarthy, On Oct. 06, 2016 Trilok Singh, It’s always been my immense pleasure to share with you all that, Dr. Ajay Gudavarthy, is a great political scientist/thinker/intellectual tycoon. As you know that, Gudavarthy, wrotes a huge number of Books. i.e., Re – Framing Democracy and Agency in India. Edited- Reframing […]

Trilok Singh October 2, 2016

Indias Journals : Launch Delaiyed As we work to put the final touches on the first redesign of the Indias Journals in over 1 years we want to make sure that everything works and that all of the features you count on are working properly. Over the course of this week it became apparent that everything […]