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General Mental Ability consist:-

  1. Series Completion
  2. Analogy
  3. Classification
  4. Coding-Decoding
  5. Blood Relations
  6. Puzzle Test
  7. Sequential Output Tracking
  8. Direction Sense Test
  9. Logical Venn Diagrams
  10. Alphabet Test
  11. Alpha-Numeric Sequence Puzzle
  12. Number Ranking & Time Sequence Test
  13. Mathematical Operations
  14. Logical Sequence of words
  15. Arithmetical Reasoning
  16. Inserting The Missing Character
  17. Data Sufficiency
  18. Eligibility Test
  19. Assertion And Reason
  20. Situation and Reason Test
  21. Verification of Truth of the Statement

Longer tests typically measure the following Approach:

  1. General knowledge: The degree to which an individual has accumulated knowledge about diverse topics. Long-term memory.
  2. Social Intelligence : In both verbal and visual forms. Ability to evaluate social behavior and likely outcomes, to apply standards for moral and ethical judgment.
  3. Arithmetic: Numerical reasoning and problem solving abilities.
  4. Verbal concepts: Ability to categorise, conceptualise likenesses and differences, and to make subtle comparisons.
  5. Vocabulary: Extent of verbal concepts learned. Indicates communication skills, openness to information, ability to effectively use information.
  6. Coding : Adaptability and speed of learning
  7. Detail orientation: The ability to pick up on important details, using perceptual and analytical skills.
  8. Spatial rotation: Ability to visualise objects in different dimensions and perspectives.
  9. Spatial reasoning: Ability to see both the disparate parts of an object and how they fit together.