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Monthly Archives: April 2016

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How did the British colonize India?

The nature of India, as a British colony was a constantly evolving one. Its purpose wasn’t the same in 1930, as it was in 1757, and it had a lot to do with the aims and objectives, as well as methods of colonisation. In fact, there

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Black hole tragedy?

Black hole tragedy? The Black Hole tragedy took place at Fort William in Calcutta in the year 1756. Brief overview: The Nawab of Bengal gave The East India Company certain special rights as traders in Calcutta and allowed them to build a small fort (the

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Is capitalism inherently anti-democratic?

Let’s see: Capitalism is a system in which capitalists (investors) use their money to establish businesses that generate goods and services, with the goal of obtaining the maximum return on their investment. Those businesses employ people, who are paid a salary to do their jobs